Connecting Rotaractors

Sometimes Rotarians can accomplish more when they reach out to Rotaractors, the community, or both.

District governors may appoint a Rotarian to serve as a district Rotaract chair, and Rotaract clubs may elect a district Rotaract representative. Chairs and representatives are responsible for promoting the program, facilitating communication, and disseminating information among all Rotaract and sponsor Rotary clubs. Contact your chair and representative for information about Rotaract activities planned for your district.

Contact with Rotaract clubs outside your district can begin in a variety of ways, but one place to start is with the Worldwide Rotaract Directory, distributed each August by Rotary International. Each active, chartered Rotaract club receives a copy by mail.

To find contact information for your district Rotaract chair or Rotaract representative, request a directory, or learn about Rotaract in a specific place, contact RI staff.

Multidistrict information organizations

Rotaract multidistrict information organizations (MDIOs) function as regional resource centers for Rotaractors. They comprise Rotaract clubs in two or more districts, within a country or across several countries. MDIOs are formed to disseminate information and facilitate communication among Rotaract clubs in the participating districts.

Rotaract MDIOs are excellent vehicles for communicating program updates, local and international news, and event bulletins, and for uniting Rotaractors from different clubs and districts within a particular region. MDIOs frequently offer Rotaractors information in the form of publications, Internet services, and direct links with RI staff. See the Worldwide Rotaract Directory for specific names, districts, and contacts. Get in touch with representatives of the participating districts for more information.

Rotaract twin clubs

Thinking about starting an international service project or a friendship with another Rotaract club? Rotaractors around the world have a unique opportunity to learn about other cultures and foster goodwill through the global family of Rotaract. This partnership can involve establishing a pen-pal or e-mail relationship, arranging visits from Rotaractors, exchanging project ideas, and undertaking small international or community service projects.

Rotaract clubs considering such a venture can choose a partner that shares similar interests, challenges, or language abilities, or one that’s located in an area of geographical interest. They can use the resources available through the Worldwide Rotaract Directory, their sponsor Rotary club, and their district Rotaract chair or representative. The possibilities for friendship are endless.

If you’ve had a rewarding twin club experience, e-mail RI.  

Read more about Rotaract twin clubs (PDF).

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