It all starts with Interact

Today’s young people will become tomorrow’s parents, professionals, and business and community leaders. With the help of programs like Interact, they can gain the tools and skills necessary for developing into responsible, productive members of society. Now is the time for Rotary clubs to focus on the future by challenging new generations to test their talents, to develop new skills, and to confront some of the issues they’ll face in their lifetimes. The Interact program can instill life skills that members can share with others for generations to come.

Interactors often go on to start up Rotaract clubs and participate in Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA). Some Interactors also become Rotary Youth Exchange students or Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholars.

Interact provides Rotarians with the opportunity to develop their own leadership and communication skills. Organizing Interact district events involves the coordination of many people, and district chairs in particular have the exciting opportunity to nurture youth and provide the skills young people need to succeed as future community leaders.

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